State Senator RamirezThe State Senator Victor R. Ramirez  has been a member of Senate since January 12, 2011. Members of the Judiciary Committee Minutes, 2011 -, of the Joint Commission on Welfare Reform, 2011 -; Senate Redistricting Committee and Redistricting, 2011 -.

Member of the House of Delegates, January 8, 2003 to January 12, 2011. Member of Special Committee on the affordability and accessibility of higher education, 2003-04; Ways and Means Committee ,2003-06 (education subcommittee, 2003-04, Finance Resources Subcommittee, 2003-06, tax revenues and subcommittee, 2004-06). Deputy Majority Leader, 2007-11. Member, Judiciary Committee, 2007-11 (subcommittee on criminal justice, 2007-11), Joint Committee on Federal Relations, 2007-11. President, Law Enforcement and the State Committee appointed by the Delegation Meeting of Prince George’s County, 2007-11 (vice-president, 2003-06). Member, Maryland Educators Caucus, 2005 -, Maryland Veterans Caucus, 2005 -.

Member, Working Group for the Study of Driver Licensing Documentation, 2003-04, Steering Committee, Bi-County Working Group on gang activity, 2004, Commission to Study the local maintenance of effort [of education funding], 2005-06; Truancy Court Working Group, 2007-08; State Advisory Council on Administrative Hearings, 2007-11.   State Senator Victor R. Ramirez’s Presentation | Other Supporters

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